A rockstar that opened for Duran Duran and METALLICA reveals...

Why You Will NEVER Get Good By Copying Licks And Solos Note-By-Note!


Learn how to kickstart your progress, and how to "steal" Jimmy Page's unique DNA to develop YOUR OWN style...

...all without learning a single note of "Stairway to Heaven"!

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Dear friend, my name is Brian Kelleher, and I am the owner of KillerGuitarRigs.


…if you’re like me, you’ve seen the headline and the video, and you want to SKIP through letters like these - especially when they start with “dear friend”.


But if you choose to stay, I’ll tell you: 

  • Why nothing you’re “supposed to do” works for learning how to play guitar

  • How the man with the best ear for style completely BAFFLED my mind when he told me “the secret”

  • …and how we came up with a course in which you will absorb the style of legendary Jimmy Page into YOUR OWN playing...within 30 days, and priced at a couple packs of strings.


...Still here?

It hurts to admit this…


But if I had known what I’m about to tell you, I would have shaved a decade…no, TWO decades off my 30-year guitar playing career…


…all while sounding way better than I do now!


It’s no secret to tell you that I LOVE trying out new guitars and amps…

...judging from the 1 million visitors we get every month, you do, too.


But NO guitar or amp has ever made me sound like my idols.


If I had a penny for every time I heard:

“it’s not the gear, it’s the ear” or “the tone is in the fingers”...

…I’d have a 1959 Gibson Les Paul proudly displayed on my wall!


The fact still remains…

If Jimmy Page played a $50…$500…a $5000 amp, you’d INSTANTLY know it was him - WHY’S THAT?


In the 1950s when Page was just starting out, you can bet that you played whatever you could get - even a broomstick with steel wires would work out in a pinch.

Even if you go back to his earliest work, and fire up Led Zeppelin I…that’s THE Jimmy we know and love.

The first riff still feels as visceral as a punch in the face.

"Jimmy Page's guitar pounces from the speakers, fat with menace; John Bonham's kick drum swings with anvil force; Robert Plant rambles on about the perils of manhood. Hard rock would never be the same." - The Rolling Stone

The curiosity was driving me insane!


I was doing everything you “should” do:

  • “Developing my ear” by rewinding solos for 900 times (until I got sick of ever hearing the song again)
  • Looking for best-rated tabs and reading all the comments to see if it was right (nope - STILL WRONG)
  • Buying official, expensive chord books
  • Spending hours upon hours on Youtube trying to find “THE LICK”...

…but I’m thinking the bare-faced kid demonstrating it has never even heard of Led Zeppelin before.

And when you go back to play with your band, or hit “record” in your room…

  • The same old, tired noodling comes out…your bandmates don’t stop to ask “hey, what’s THAT?” and you don’t even bother to listen to what you recorded
  • Your go-to licks don’t have the same luster they used to because you've heard them a million times
  • You start to play something for your kids to show them how it’s done…but they yawn and leave the room!
  • You try to play something new and exciting for your next solo…but you feel completely STUCK

None of it works. The days go by and turn into years.

You know your “magnum opus” is still inside of you, clawing to break out.

You know you can play the solo from your favorite song even if someone woke you up at 3 AM in the night.

Looking for the answer, I talked to dozens of guitar players from every background you can imagine:

  • Some were just local guys I share a beer with over the weekends…
  • Some found a bit of success playing in their bands…
  • Some were full-time guitar teachers (one of them even came from the classical world)...

But there was only ONE that stood head and shoulders above the others.

The chameleon Gabriel Leopardi.

His videos go all the way back to 2007., and I remember his videos sounding almost more like the artist…than the artists themselves!

His ear for different guitar styles is unmatched.

The thing that’s most interesting about Gabriel is that he didn’t stop at recreating other player’s styles.

He took this knowledge to develop his OWN style and is now in a band that is massively successful in its own right, opening for Evanescence…Duran Duran…Paramore…and another band you might have heard of…METALLICA.

It doesn’t get any better than playing for tens of thousands of people…and Gabriel has done it on many nights.

So I finally got Gabriel to tell me the secret.


To absorb someone’s style, you play their music.

At least it’s the way it has always been done…right?

I told him about buying tab books, learning solos note-by-note, getting stuck in the black hole of Youtube looking for licks…

…and he LAUGHED RIGHT IN MY FACE (the nerve on this guy!).

I never get angry, but I almost shouted “OKAY, SO WHAT IS IT, GAB?!”

Finally I got the reply.

“If you only play solos note-by-note…you will NEVER sound like that player.”

He continued.

Here’s what I do when I’m absorbing a player’s style:

  • The scales that make up their unique guitar DNA
  • Do NOT play those scales blindly - you also need to figure out their note choices
  • The rhythm and the pulse that goes into everything you play

(he went faster - I opened a can of worms with that question!) 

The phrasing…dynamics…expression…TONE…

…THOSE are elements of style, Brian. NOT rote copying.

The gears inside my head started to turn…and this completely blew my mind.

I followed up with many guitar players I contacted and told them about Gabriel’s theory…

The most common response?

“Whoa, that makes SO MUCH sense!”, they said (or texted) in an Eureka moment.

“Hey Gabriel…let’s do a course on this.”

KillerGuitarAcademy is a passion project I started because I wanted to share this knowledge with you.

I thought of the ultimate “Mount Rushmore” of guitar legends I grew up with, and always wanted to absorb into my own style.

Every course is made to be short-and-sweet so you can get all the value you can by your next practice or recording session.

There is no meandering and no “how to tune your guitar” lesson.

We skip through all the BS.

But whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned professional, you can get something you can apply right away.

Here's What You'll Learn in the Jimmy Page Masterclass:

Become a Scale Synthesizer

There’s NO WAY you will ever sound like Page without this one simple concept

Sprint Across the Fretboard

With smooth, melodic horizontal runs

Use Page’s Creative Fretwork

The nuances behind Page’s style that inspired countless guitar players

Play 15 original, never-heard-before licks

From a man with the BEST ear in the guitar teaching game

Improvise Solos With Confidence

Absorb ALL of this, and much more…into a STYLE OF YOUR OWN

Our System Works, But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Jeff L

I was a little doubtful at first, to be honest. I thought it'd be tough to break away from my usual playing habits. But this course opened my eyes to an easier and more efficient way. Now, it feels like I've imbued a bit of Page's spirit into my playing, and the result is just awesome.


Sophie M

I was skeptical at first, but trust me when I say this is not your typical guitar course. Leopardi takes you deep, way deep into Page's mind. I've started to craft solos that I never even thought I'd be capable of. It's like a rebirth of my musicality.


Miguel S

Leopardi's masterclass is not just a course; it's an immersive journey into the soul of Jimmy Page. I feel like I've grown so much as a guitarist since starting. My fingers are not just playing, they're telling stories on the strings. This is the real deal, guys.


A Sneak Peek of Our Curriculum:

Part 1: Page Technique and Scale Masterclass

This is where you'll learn the foundational concepts that made Jimmy Page into a legend he is today.

We're not letting you go until you:

  • Learn Page's unique "SYNTHESISER SCALE"...the reason why barely anyone can sound like him (and you KNOW a lot of them try) [lesson 2]
  • No theory? No problem. Recall the exact scales that built the foundation of rock music - along with the keys to how to apply them [lesson 3 + lesson 4]
  • Going deep into the concept of "CREATIVE FRETWORK" that will add dynamic and expressive elements to your playing [lesson 5]
  • If you like drama...skip immediately to this lesson to find out what Page blatantly stole from a blues all-time great [lesson 6]
  • Gabriel touches upon on a classic rock calling card you can pull out of your sleeve whenever you want to [lesson 7]
  •  Learn how to play the smoothest horizontal runs you've ever heard - tips and tricks included [lesson 8]
  • Add showmanship with a bending trick that DISAPPEARED from the rock lexicon...and that makes you look like a guitar hero! [lesson 9] 


Part 2: Page Rhythm Style Masterclass

In this section, we go deep into the part of Page's playing that made him a household name - his incredible rhythm guitar work. You will learn about what goes into his otherworldy, genre-defining tone, as well as:

  • How he uses "rhythmic displacement" to keep you on your toes!
  • Become an all-in-one band with your guitar - the technique behind Page's percussive playing [lesson 2]
  • His go-to scales for single-note riffs that BURN into your memory [lesson 2]
  • At a time when everyone else was playing E Standard, Page was using THESE unique, exotic tunings [lesson 3]
  • How to never feel lost and instantly start writing licks in open tunings [lesson 3]
  • Peek inside his toolbox of tricks and effects, and use them as a weapon - not as a crutch! [lesson 4]


Part 3: Page Masterclass - 15 Licks & Riffs

Now that you know every nuance that goes into Jimmy Page's guitar style...

...it's time to PLAY and ABSORB them into your own muscle memory.

  • An uptempo solo with 7 licks that will test your limits and make you shred with fiery blaze
  • A downtempo solo with 8 licks that will mesmerize your audience
  • A 100% uptime platform with a moving tab, and the option to slow things down so you NEVER FEEL LOST
  • Want to get away from your computer? Download and print out every scale, tab, and lick if you want to
  • Backing tracks you can take with you on-the-go (play them backstage, in your band rehearsal room, in your car, at your computer...)
  • Written and produced by the man with the best ear for style in the guitar teaching game 




 See, Gabriel and I had a complete blast filming this course. 

...So much so, that we didn't want to stop there.



Make Your Guitar SING: Bending and Vibrato Course

There is another question I asked Gabriel when I got the chance to pick his brain...

"What's the NUMBER ONE THING that separates an amateur player from a professional shredder?"


Without skipping a beat, he answered: "it's the way he bends and the sound of his vibrato, for sure." 

A badly executed bend makes every other player and regular person in the audience CRINGE...

...but a good one will instantly show that this guy is legit. 

This course will give you:
  • The mechanics of executing a PITCH-PERFECT bend every single time, in multiple different styles
    • Bend at this exact "sweet spot" and you almost can't help but to sound like a pro every time you do it
  • How to never bend too fast or too slow - but just right
  • A series of bending and vibrato exercises you can implement into your practice routine RIGHT NOW



The Silent Professional Legato Course 

In this course, you will learn how to play lightning fast licks...

...with as little effort as possible!

You will know exactly how to:

  • Erase unwanted noise...without having to wrap a sock around your guitar (or have to ask friends to hold your guitar while recording)
  • Pick the right position for your fingers and thumb when playing legato (there are TWO)
  • Execute hammer-ons, pull-offs and trills to embellish your style
  • Steal a session player trick of how to play the entire night with minimal fatigue
  • Implement an easy-to-follow, short finger strengthening routine so you never lose your "gains" when you pick up an acoustic guitar 



We'll sweeten the pot some more with:



Riff Machine Double Stops Course

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Double stops are the key behind most iconic and unique riffs in rock history. 

In fact, double stops are the secret weapon if you want to create ANY riff from scratch, learn music theory...and then embellish them with what you learn along the way.

If I had to relearn guitar all over again...this is the FIRST stop.

That's why we:

  • Start off with a full explanation of this underrated concept and how it sounds like
  • Give out technique tips to embellish your double stops, and turn any time you pick up the guitar into a vibe
  • Walk you along the most common double stop variations and scales
  • Give you a practical roadmap of how to easily incorporate double stops...and proudly start playing with musicians that have had WAY more laps around the track than you!

All of these bonuses could be sold separately...

...and maybe they will be at some point in the future.

But we wanted to leave NO stone unturned, and make this into a complete NO-BRAINER DEAL.

This course pack will give you all the keys you need to transform your playing, and hone in your own style in as little as 30 days of regular practice.

The world is hungry for great music played by real people...not AI, or any other gimmick that sucks out the joy and soul of live performance.

Hope to see you rockin' out in the free world.


- Brian Kelleher

INSTANT ACCESS - Get Rockin' Within 3 Minutes

Jimmy Page Masterclass Pack

$297     $47

Here's what you'll get:

  • Page Rhythm Style Masterclass
  • Page Technique and Scale Masterclass
  • Page Masterclass - 15 Licks & Riffs to Help You Unlock His Style
  • Printable Scale Charts
  • Tabs and Guitar Pro Files
  • Bonus #1: Bending & Vibrato Course ($47 VALUE)
  • Bonus #2: Legato Course ($47 VALUE)
  • Bonus #3: Double Stops Course ($47 VALUE)
  • Bonus #4: "Everything You Wanted to Know About Scales" ebook ($27 VALUE)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS (NO subscription fees)
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30-day, 100% money-back guarantee

...Even if you didn't watch a single lesson (you only need ONE to get hooked!)