Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: May 22, 2023



Welcome to Killer Guitar Academy

Killer Guitar Academy a brand of Massey Publishing LLC (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates Killer Guitar Rigs/Killer Guitar Academy websites (hereinafter referred to as “Service”).

These Terms & Conditions govern your visit to killerguitarrigs.com & https://courses.killerguitarrigs.com/, and they explain how our platforms work, the rules of usage, and many other important information you should know when visiting our platforms and/or purchasing our services.

If you disagree with these Terms & Conditions/Terms of Service at any point in time you can close your account either through settings menus where available or by reaching out at [email protected] 

Our Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern all use of our Service and together with the Privacy Policy constitutes your agreement with us (“agreement”).



By using the services offered in this platform the user agrees to become part of marketing and promotional campaigns launched and managed by us and our third party partners. To achieve our goals we use services such as but not limited to: tracking, cookies, third party tracking, cross-site tracking, and other available technologies.



When engaging in a purchase on any of our sites the user will be required to provide information such as credit card information, billing address, and personal information. This information is collected and processed by third party invoicing services and it is never saved in our servers or our sites. The user is responsible for reading the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of said third parties and we are in no way responsible for what happens on those services. We shall not be accountable for the unauthorized use of the users credit card or personal information by a third party. 

By engaging in a purchase/subscription in our sites the users acknowledge that they are legally eligible to use the credit card and the information they provided is correct. 

We use a third party for payment processing. By providing the information the user consents to sharing the data with our third-party payment processing partners and other third parties with which we cooperate. 

We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or modify the order at any time and for any reason. Included but not limited to cases of fraud, misinformation, not following the rules set on these terms and conditions, and more.


Promotions or whatever other related course, material, or subscription that is related to us and launched by us may be governed by its own rules which when present will supersede these Terms & Conditions. 


We reserve the right to set and change the price of any of our subscriptions. The changes can be made at any point in time without prior notice. These changes include but are not limited to pricing, subscription time, method of payment, etc.

Free Trials

We may offer free trials on some or all of the services and materials offered through our platform. The timeframe of these free trials is set by us and can change at any given time without prior notice. Users will be required to input their payment information even during free trials (during which they will not be charged), however, upon trial expiration the renewal is automatic unless canceled by the user at least 72 hours prior to the renewal date.

Price Changes

We hold the right to change the prices of any products or services at any given time. The users already subscribed to a membership service shall not be charged the difference when changes take effect until the next membership renewal period.


We offer refunds within 30 days of the purchase provided that the user/client has not gone through more than 20% of the material provided in the service/membership. The users who go through more than 20% of the material are not eligible for refunds.


Some of our services such as membership spaces offer the opportunity to post and share content within our platforms such as links, graphs, images, and videos hereby referred to as “Content”. The user is responsible for the content they share and its legality. 

By posting content on the platform the user acknowledges that they have the rights to share the content and they give permission to us to host and interact with the content. We hold the right to delete content that goes against these Terms of Service or ban the account itself. 

The user holds the authors rights over the content they share. Furthermore, by sharing content on our platform the user gives us permission to interact, modify, and use said content as we see fit including but not limited to promotional materials. 

We have the right but we are not obliged to monitor and edit content posted in the platform. 

Content shared by us in our platforms are property of Massey Publishing. Downloading, modifying, copying, and reshaping is strictly forbidden without prior permission of Massey Publishing. 

Forbidden Uses

Users can use the services of the platforms in compliance with the Terms & Conditions. Users agree to not use the platform for the following actions:

  1. In any way that will break state, national, or international laws. 
  2. To damage, abuse, or threaten minors in any way including exposing them to inappropriate content or any other reason. 
  3. To share other promotional information towards other members/users except the methods made available by us. 
  4. To impersonate another company, employe of another company, or any other legal entity which the user is not. 
  5. Engaging with the platform in such a way that prevents other users from using the platform as intended. 
  6. Using a robot, crawled, or other automated machinery/process with the intention of monitoring, copying, or extracting data from the platform. 
  7. Manually extracting information from the platform without prior consent by Massey Publishing. 
  8. Using any equipment or program which interrupts/disturbs/disables the functionality of the platform. 
  9. Injection of any type of virus such as but not limited to trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, spyware, or any other type of material which is technologically harmful.
  10. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the platform, to influence, damage, or disturb any part of the service I the platform, its servers, computers, or the databases of the service/platform.
  11. Attacking the services with DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) methods to interrupt the service to other users. 
  12. All other promotions are forbidden including discussions regarding other businesses which might be competitors with our services. We apply the non-competition principle where any account which promotes competitors within our spaces will be banned.

Statistics & Analytics

We use services from third parties to monitor, analyze, and track the usage of the platform. For more details regarding the processing and usage of your data visit our privacy policy page. 

Forbidden for Minors

Due to the fact that the platform includes subscriptions and purchases it is forbidden to be used in such way from minors. Minors shall get permission from their parent/guardian who can open an account and pay for the services


By creating an account you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and the information you provide on signup is true and up to date. In cases of false information, incomplete, fraudulent, or out of date information we reserve the right to temporarily block the account or to fully ban the account. 

The user is responsible to safeguard the information of their own account such as email and password and not share it with other users. Sharing logins with other people is not allowed and in cases where we detect suspicious logins or where we suspect that account sharing is taking place we will ban the account without notice.

Intellectual Property

We respect the intellectual property of other parties. It is our policy to respond towards requests for copyright infringements towards content that might have been shared by our users and which infringes on someone else’s copyrights. 

If the user or any other visitor of the site is the holder of any intellectual property or the author of something that has been shared on our platform by our users/members and wants said post to be taken down should contact us by the contact means provided in the contact page of our website. 

In cases when we might end up in a legal dispute over something that you as a member/user have shared you will hold all the liability towards the content you have shared.

Recommendations & Error Reporting

Like with any other digital product there might occasionally be a “bug” or something that does not work as intended within our systems. If you encounter such problems please report it via the official contact channels in our contact form.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability

All the services are offered “AS IS”. We do not provide any guarantee/warranty over the functionality, the effect, or the outcome of any of our services. By using our services the user understands that these services are provided as is and that there is no warranty given to them written or implied over the effect of our products/services.

The user agrees that in no form will he/she attempt to hold liable the platform, company, managers, directors, or any of the employees of the company over any result that they get from using or not using the platform and its products/services.

Choice of Law

Legally Massey Publishing is established in Florida, USA and as such it is subject to local laws of Florida and Federal Laws of the United States of America. As such any legal disputes will be resolved in compliance with the aforementioned laws. 


By interacting with our services the user/visitor agrees to these terms and conditions and our privacy policy. 

While to those who have signed up for any of our services or products the user acknowledges that they have read and understood the terms of service and our privacy policy and that they fully accept them.