Improvise Rock Solos With Rock Solid Confidence By Learning Hendrix's Axis Mastery System

Join Gabriel Leopradi as he walks you, step by step, through the scale systems Hendrix used to create his iconic sound so you can FINALLY feel comfortable playing on the fly solos.

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How You’ll Learn To Play On The Fly Solos Like Hendrix


Solos should be about having fun in the moment, not memorizing them to play later.

Solos aren’t about repeating sound but creating it anew in the moment.

That’s why we partnered with someone who solos for a living.

Gabriel breaks Hendrix's style down into bite sized nuances that you can add to your own playing like seasoning, what we call the¬†‚ÄėAxis Mastery‚Äô system.

We don't just cover things like Hendrix's freewheeling legato and wild vibrato, we pull out the big guns - so you don't have to spend hours learning and analyzing his every solo.

Once you understand the Axis Mastery system, you’ll confidently move in and out of solos - memorization free.

  • Hendrix¬†Masterclass Course
  • Hendrix Rhythm Style Course
  • Hendrix¬†Scales And Techniques Course
  • Bending & Vibrato Mini-Course
  • Legato Mini-Course
  • Double Stops Mini-Course¬†
  • Printable Scale Charts
  • Tabs and Guitar Pro Files
  • "Everything You Wanted to Know About Scales" ebook

What You’ll Learn

The Axis Mastery Scale

Discover the scales Hendrix used to create iconic sounds and improvise solos.

Electric Surf

Add mind bending modulation to any solo with only your guitar!

Jimi's Double Take

Learn Hendrix’s system for layering melody in your solos

15 Original Licks

Learn the 15 new licks behind 2 different solos

Improvise Solos With Confidence

Improvise solos with confidence with only 7 days practice

Meet Your Teacher

Gabriel Leopardi

Gabriel Leopardi is a professional musician who has spent the last 20 years playing, recording, and touring with mega-label bands like Metallica, Duran Duran, Paramore, Evanescence, and more.

We asked Gabriel to teach our course because he has several years experience teaching guitar online. He has taught for major brands like GMC Guitar Lessons and Neural DSP. We know Gabriel’s experience will help you unlock the scales systems you need to start soloing with confidence.

Join Gabriel as he translates Hendrix’s scale-first approach into an easy-to-learn system you can use to confidently improvise on the fly solos. Gabriel shares his hard-won experience so you can start soloing right away.

Learn how to create Jimi’s iconic sound from a real-life touring musician who cut his teeth playing Hendrix's classic songs.

Solo With Confidence In 7-Days  By Learning How To

Use Hendrix’s Scale System To Confidently Improvise Solos 

Incorporate Jimi’s Sound Without Memorizing Solos Note-For-Note

Write Solos Like Hendrix While Retaining Your Unique Style

Play With Confidence By Understanding The WHY Behind The Licks

Start Soloing With Confidence Within 7-Days Of Practice

What REAL Students Have To Say About Our Artist Courses...


- Richard Ortiz

I'm honestly kind of kicking myself that I never figured this out before, but then I've always been one of those "you don't need theory" people. Luckily the course didn't bog me down in theory at all - instead it just showed me what to do, and now I'm playing how I always wanted.

- Joshua Park

To be completely honest I thought the FB ads were a bit cheesy, but actually you were totally right - style is a collection of nuances. Once you hear them all laid out, you can hear the player, and it sort of gives you the tools to play the style you wanted to play but you could never figure out exactly what made it tick, if that makes sense.


- Alexandra Farrell

I've spent a lot more than $47 for guitar lessons over the years, and got a damn sight less out of most of them than I did this course! Definitely going to be checking out some more of your courses now. Thank you Gabrielle!


See If This Course Is Right For You

This course is for you if...

  1. You already play guitar and want to incorporate Jimi Hendrix’s style, sound, and scale system into your playing

  2. You want to understand how to use Jimi’s scales and licks to create your own sound and FINALLY stop memorizing solos

  3. You have an hour a day for a week to learn Jimi’s scale-first approach

  4. You want to improvise solos with confidence either by yourself or during a session

This course is not for you if...

  1. You are just now picking up the guitar
  2. You aren’t interested in learning how to create Hendrix’s iconic sound
  3. You’re looking to memorize Jimi’s solos note-for-note
  4. You don’t have an hour a day to learn the scale system behind Hendrix’s iconic sound

What You’ll Find Inside The Course

Part 1: Bending & Vibrato Mini-Course

The course kicks off by walking you through the fundamentals of expression on the guitar - bending and vibrato. Here you’ll discover the mechanics along with the different types of bends and exercises you can follow to quickly get up to speed on this technique. After that, you’ll learn why vibrato is important, and exercises for creating your own personal vibrato.

Part 2: Double Stops Mini-Course

In this section you’ll learn how to create unique and iconic sounds by playing two notes at the same time. You’ll learn the common double stop notes (Gab teaches it in c minor scale), how to incorporate it into the pentatonic scale, and how to use triads in double stops. The session closes with Gab sharing his best tips to make this complicated system easy to learn.

Part 3: Hendrix Rhythm Style Course

In this next section you’ll go deep on the different element's of Hendrix's unique approach to rhythm guitar - one of the biggest trademarks of his sound. We cover everything from his famous thumb voicings, the funk and soul elements to his strumming and of course the Hendrix chord!

Part 4: Hendrix Masterclass Techniques & Scales

This is where you combine all the techniques you learned to unlock the Axis Mastery Scale. You’ll learn the scales Jimi used, how to switch between them, as well as some of his trademark solo moves like trills, bends and vibrato (aka his "cosmic overdrive" sound), his "electric surf" modulations, as well as the effects he used to get his far out tones. The course ends with a quick wrap up before diving into the two Hendrix solos you’ll learn so you can tie everything together and start soloing with confidence!

Exercise Sessions: Fundamental Hendrix - 15 Licks & Riffs to Help Unlock Jimi's Style

This is the official intro for the final part of the course! By now you’ve mastered the basic skills you’ll need. In this short section you get introduced to Gab, learn about Hendrix's style, and get a walkthrough of his gear choices.

1: Welcome To The Course - an overview of coming lessons.

2: Meet Your Instructor - Gab introduces himself, gives some background and explains his relationship to Hendrix's playing.

3: Introduction to Jimi's Influences, Style and Sound - Here Gab walks through Hendrix's major influences, gives a general overview of his style, and talks briefly about the gear he used to get his signature sound

Hendrix Song 1: Uptempo

This first song will have you playing an uptempo solo using the techniques you‚Äôve learned. To make learning easy, we‚Äôve included a moving tab layout you can play along with. We include backing tracks you can play with tabs on the screen, a half speed option to unlock any ‚Äėsticky‚Äô sections, and get insight and advice from Gab‚Äôs years on the road.

This section begins with Gab talking through what he's about to play, what songs influenced this solo, a little about the techniques involved, and then plays the solo at full speed with moving tab on screen so you can follow along.

 After that he goes through the licks one by one, dissecting them so that you can understand how he came up with them, and how you might use them in your own playing.

Hendrix Song 2: Lower Tempo

The second song will have you playing a lower tempo solo using the techniques you‚Äôve learned. This section includes everything from the first song, such as the moving tab layout you can play along with. We include backing tracks you can play with tabs on the screen, a half-speed option to unlock any ‚Äėsticky‚Äô sections, and get insight and advice for Gab‚Äôs years on the road.

Once again, we begin with Gab talking through what he's about to play, what songs influenced this solo, a little about the techniques involved, and then plays the solo at full speed with moving tab on screen so you can follow along.

As before, he then goes through the licks one by one, dissecting them so that you can understand how he came up with them, and how you might use them in your own playing.

Course End: Conclusion & Files

Gab closes out the course with insight into how to use the licks to create your own variations you then work into your own improvised solos! You’ll also find all the course files for solos, PDFs for tabs, and the Guitar Pro files for the solos.

Over 2 Hours, 100% Online & Go At Your Own Pace

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  • Hendrix Techniques & Scales¬†Course¬†($57 value)

  • Hendrix Rhythm Style¬†Course¬†($57¬†value)

  • Bending & Vibrato Mini-Course¬†($37¬†Value)

  • Legato Mini-Course¬†($37¬†Value)

  • Double Stops Mini-Course¬†($37¬†Value)

  • "Everything You Wanted to Know About Scales" ebook¬†($23¬†Value)

Total Value: $345

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