Improvise Rock Solos With Rock Solid Confidence By Learning Slash’s Snakepit Scale System

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Steve P


I have played guitar for over 30 years.

This course has unlocked techniques that I thought were beyond my skill set.

The way it’s laid out and the way the techniques are broken down is perfect for me.

I haven’t been playing guitar much the last few years but this course has me dedicating time to it daily.

I knew by the second lesson that I was going to buy the rest of the courses. I did and they all look awesome!

Eric V


I have to say it has truly transformed my journey in lead playing.

Their course on adding creativity and depth to my lead playing specifically focusing on the style of Slash has been absolutely incredible.

The instructor at KillerGuitarRigs possesses an understanding of his techniques and has managed to break them down in a manner that is relatable as well as useable.

Since starting to practice the stuff in the course, my solos have become more developed and less like I'm playing boxes, and, most importantly, they have that classic rock feel always admired in my idols.


Ian DeA


I wanted to reach out and give my appreciation for Gabriel's Slash masterclass.

As an intermediate guitarist, I occasionally hit plateaus in my guitar playing, and I've always struggled with learning Slash's style when trying to implement it in my own playing.

Fortunately, Gabriel's approach in teaching his concepts was easy enough for me to understand how to add his style in my own playing.

I love how you are helping guitarists like me finally understand how to play what's in our heads!


How You’ll Learn To Play On The Fly Solos Like Slash

Solos should be about having fun in the moment, not memorizing them to play later. Solos aren’t about repeating sound but creating it anew in the moment. That’s why we partnered with a professional musician. They walk you through Slash’s scale first approach to creating his iconic sound. You’ll learn, step by step, Slash’s ‘Snakepit Scales’ system. Once you understand it, you’ll confidently move in and out of solos-memorization free.

What You’ll Learn

The Snakepit Scale

Discover the scales Slash uses to create iconic sounds and improvise solos.

The Slash Slur

Add frenetic edge into any song to amp up its energy.

Hybrid Notes

Learn Slash’s system for layering melody in your solos

15 Original Licks

Learn the 15 new licks behind 2 different solos

Improvise Solos With Confidence

Improvise solos with confidence with 7 days practice

Meet Your Teacher

Gabriel Leopardi

Gabriel Leopardi is a professional musician who has spent the last 20 years playing, recording, and touring with mega-label bands like Metallica, Duran Duran, Paramore, Evanescence, and more.

We asked Gabriel to teach our course because he has several years experience teaching guitar online. He has taught for major brands like GMC Guitar Lessons and Neural DSP. We know Gabriel’s experience will help you unlock the scales systems you need to start soloing with confidence.

Join Gabriel as he translates Slash’s scale-first approach into an easy-to-learn system you can use to confidently improvise on the fly solos. Gabriel shares his hard-won experience so you can start soloing right away.

Learn how to create Slash’s iconic sound from a real-life touring musician who cut his teeth playing Guns N’ Roses songs.

Solo With Confidence In 7-Days  By Learning How To

Use Slash’s Scale System To Confidently Improvise Solos 

Incorporate Slash’s Sound Without Memorizing Solos Note-For-Note

Write Solos Like Slash While Retaining Your Unique Style

Play With Confidence By Understanding The WHY Behind The Licks

Start Soloing With Confidence Within 7-Days Of Practice

Our System Works, But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Alan G


I play out with my band every weekend, part of which includes a couple of sections where I get an extended solo (gives the singer a break).

Oftentimes I get people come to me afterwards saying "I liked the bit where you played all those Slash licks" - because I was just repeating the licks from my favorite Slash solos.

Now, people come up to me and say "your solo section was amazing! It had such a great classic rock, almost guns n roses kind of vibe!"

This course was the key! Once you know the nuances in someone's playing, you can add it to your own style to give it a flavor instead of sounding like a ripoff.

Thanks lads!

Morgan P


I've been playing for about 25 years, I've bought a ton of courses, some were good, but most were a waste of time.

I recently bought the Slash course from Killer Guitar Academy/Killer Guitar Rigs, and this is definitely way up there - full of lightbulb moments!

For example, I've always tried to figure out Slash's sound by playing the major, minor and blues scales, but could never nail it. As soon as they walked through the Snakepit Scale I heard Slash immediately.

Just adding the Snakepit Scale alone to my playing allowed me to stand out.

That alone was worth my money - and was only the beginning!

Ron M


I love the Slash course, very easy to understand and follow.

When I found this course on Facebook I was so excited I had to buy it.

Gabriel Leopardi is a great instructor, very easy to understand, and he explains everything in such a way that I understand everything he talks about and can’t wait to get other classes.

Thank you for taking the time to offer these lessons. 🙏 😎


See If This Course Is Right For You

This course is for you if...

  1. You already play guitar and want to incorporate Slash’s style, sound, and scale system into your playing

  2. You want to understand how to use Slash’s scales and licks to create your own sound and FINALLY stop memorizing solos

  3. You have an hour a day for a week to learn Slash’s scale-first approach

  4. You want to improvise solos with confidence either by yourself or during a session

This course is not for you if...

  1. You are just now picking up the guitar
  2. You aren’t interested in learning how to create Slash’s iconic sound
  3. You’re looking to memorize Slash’s solo note-for-note
  4. You don’t have an hour a day to learn the scale system behind Slash’s iconic sound

What You’ll Find Inside The Course

Bending & Vibrato Mini-Course

The course kicks off by walking you through Slash’s bending and vibrato techniques. Here you’ll discover the mechanics along with the different types of bends and exercises you can follow to quickly get up to speed on this technique. After that, you’ll learn why vibrato is important, and exercises for creating your own personal vibrato.

1: Course Introduction - welcome to the course!

2: Bending Technique - Gabriel demonstrates different bending techniques, along with the mechanics of executing a proper bend and showing different types of bends you can do (half stop, whole stop, overbend, etc.).

3: Bending Exercises - here Gabriel walks you through a series of exercises you can use in your practice routine to nail your bending technique, pull off clean bends in your playing, avoiding things like bending out of tune, bending too fast, etc.

4: Vibrato Technique - moving on to vibrato, Gabriel walks you through different types of vibrato, talks about the vibrato different players have, why vibrato is important (namely that it gives a player their unique personality on the guitar), as well as demonstrating types of vibrato (fast/slow/wide/narrow/etc.).

5: Vibrato Exercises - next a series of exercises that you can add to your own practice routine to get good smooth vibrato that is in time with the music.

6: Final Thoughts - this contains an overview of what you've learned along with suggestions on what to learn next!

Legato Mini-Course

In this next section you’ll learn legato fundamentals as well as some killer techniques for erasing unwanted noise. Gabriel will walk you through proper placement, execution, and how to play without wearing yourself out. This part closes out by deep diving into how to mute unwanted noise from untargeted strings.

1: Introduction to Legato - welcome to the course!

2: Left Hand Technique & Concepts - Gabriel walks through some of the building blocks of legato using your left hand, covers things like thumb placement (two different positions depending on what you're trying to do), finger placement (to get clear notes and good speed), minimizing movement and strength (basically you want to move as little as possible and only play as hard as you have to so that you aren't tiring yourself out doing too much), and general legato technique, demonstrating both hammer ons and pull offs, how to execute them cleanly without unwanted noise or too much movement that would cause over exertion or injury. Also covers trills, which are rapid hammer ons and pull offs.

3: Muting Unwanted Noise - one of the big mistakes people make with legato is having a lot of noise coming from the strings they're NOT targeting, so this module walks you through various techniques to ensure the only string ringing out is the one you want to hear, covering both left and right hand muting.

4: Legato Exercises - Next, Gabriel walks you through a series of exercises that you can use in your own practice routine to strengthen your fingers, clean up your playing, and get good clean legato, covering both hammer ons and pull offs, as well as hammering on from nowhere, muting, and other legato hacks!

5: Course Conclusion - here Gabriel gives a recap, ties it all together, and suggests what to learn from here.

Double Stops Mini-Course

In this section you’ll learn how to create unique and iconic sounds by playing two notes at the same time. You’ll learn the common double stop notes (Gab teaches it in c minor scale), how to incorporate it into the pentatonic scale, and how to use triads in double stops. The session closes with Gab sharing his best tips to make this complicated system easy to learn.

1: Introduction - welcome to the course!.

2: What is a Double Stop - For those who are new to the idea of double stops, we give you a ground floor explanation and demonstration of this technique.

3: What notes can be used in Double Stops - Double stops can be performed in any scale, but Gabriel walks you through most common double stops - thirds, fourths, fifths and octaves. Gab uses the C minor scale to demonstrate each of the most common ones, played through the whole scale.

4: Incorporating Double Stops with the Pentatonic Scale - double stops are most commonly played using the pentatonic scale, so Gabriel walks you through how you would do this in your playing, basically giving you a practical roadmap for how to easily incorporate double stops in your playing. Then a little minor pentatonic jam plays, demonstrating this technique.

5: Incorporating Double Stops using Triads - Another technique for finding good double stop ideas within a key or within a solo. Triads are three notes, so if you know your triads, you have two choices within each triad (1/2, 1/3). Gab reveals all!

6: Technique Tips For Playing Double Stops - Walking through techniques to embellish your double stops and make them more vibey. Walks through regular picking (downstrokes or alternate picking), hybrid picking (combining picking and fingers), fingerpicking, slides, and legato.

7: Final Thoughts - a review of everything you learned in this section, along with some suggestions on next steps.

Slash Masterclass Techniques & Scales

This is where you combine all the techniques you learned to unlock the Snakepit Scale. You’ll learn the scales Slash uses, how to switch between them, and the simple techniques that unlock the ‘Slash Slur’ (IE-the legato techniques shared in part 2), how to use hybrid notes (IE-double stops), bending, vibrato, and more. The course ends with a quick wrap up before diving into the two Slash solos you’ll learn so you can tie everything together and start soloing with confidence!

1: Course Introduction - welcome to the course!.

2: The Snakepit Scale - here Gab walks through how Slash combines several different scales to create his own scale known as "The Snakepit Scale". Gab teaches each scale involved in each position and shows how to switch between them to get that Slash sound.

3: Slash's Techniques - walks through how Slash combines all of the techniques covered so far, along with his Snakepit Scale, to get his iconic style.

4: Course Conclusion - Gab goes back over what you've learned and gives suggestions for next steps.

Fundamental Slash - 15 Licks & Riffs to Help Unlock Slash's Style

This is the official intro for the final part of the course! By now you’ve mastered the basic skills you’ll need. In this short section you get introduced to Gab, learn about his style, and get a walkthrough of his gear choices.

1: Welcome To The Course - an overview of coming lessons.

2: Meet Your Instructor - Gab introduces himself, gives some background and explains his relationship to Slash's playing.

3: Introduction to Slash's Influences, Style and Sound - Here Gab walks through Slash's major influences, gives a general overview of his style, and talks briefly about the gear he uses to get his signature sound

Slash Song 1: Uptempo

This first song will have you playing an uptempo solo using the techniques you’ve learned. To make learning easy, we’ve included a moving tab layout you can play along with. We include backing tracks you can play with tabs on the screen, a half speed option to unlock any ‘sticky’ sections, and get insight and advice from Gab’s years on the road.

Slash Style Song & Solo 1 - Playthrough - Let's hear the first solo! Gabriel talks through what he's about to play, what songs influenced this solo, a little about the techniques involved, and then plays the solo at full speed with moving tab on screen so you can follow along.

Licks 1-8 Discussion & Walkthrough - For each of these licks, Gabriel talks about what inspired the lick, plays the lick at full speed with backing track and tab on screen, plays the lick at half speed without backing track, and then walks through the lick note by note, explaining the scale involved, giving playing advice, etc.

Slash Song 2: Lower Tempo

The second song will have you playing a lower tempo solo using the techniques you’ve learned. This section includes everything from the first song, such as the moving tab layout you can play along with. We include backing tracks you can play with tabs on the screen, a half-speed option to unlock any ‘sticky’ sections, and get insight and advice for Gab’s years on the road.

Slash Style Song & Solo 2 - Playthrough - Now it's time to hear the second solo! Once again, Gabriel talks through what he's about to play, what songs influenced this solo, a little about the techniques involved, and then plays the solo at full speed with moving tab on screen so you can follow along.

Licks 1-7 Discussion & Walkthrough - For each of these licks, Gabriel talks about what inspired the lick, plays the lick at full speed with backing track and tab on screen, plays the lick at half speed without backing track, and then walks through the lick note by note, explaining the scale involved, giving playing advice, etc.

Course End: Conclusion & Files

Gab closes out the course with insight into how to use the licks to create your own variations you then work into your own improvised solos! You’ll also find all the course files for solos, PDFs for tabs, and the Guitar Pro files for the solos.

How To Use These Licks - Gabriel walks through how to practice these licks, and demonstrates how to create variations of the licks to make them your own and work them into your own playing.

Conclusion - you're all done! Gab gives his final goodbyes!

Course files - Folder with backing tracks for both solos, PDFs of tabs for both solos, and Guitar Pro files for both solos.

What You're Gonna Get...

  • Slash Masterclass Techniques & Scales ($77 value)

  • Fundamental Slash - 15 Licks & Riffs to Help Unlock Slash's Style ($97 Value)

  • Bending & Vibrato Mini-Course ($37 Value)

  • Legato Mini-Course ($37 Value)

  • Double Stops Mini-Course ($37 Value)

  • "Everything You Wanted to Know About Scales" ebook ($23 Value)

Total Value: $308

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  • Bending & Vibrato Mini-Course
  • Double Stops Mini-Course
  • "Everything You Wanted to Know About Scales" ebook
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